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NBS Neem Oil 500ml

NBS Neem Oil 500ml – Organic Botanical Pesticides – Your Shield Against Garden Pests

With NBS Neem Oil in a larger 500ml bottle, you get more of our eco-friendly and natural solution to protect your precious plants. Derived from neem seeds, this organic pesticide is a powerful tool for ensuring your garden remains pest-free.



Product Title: NBS Neem Oil with Measuring Cup 250ml - Organic Botanical Pesticides - Your Essential Plant Companion

NBS Neem Oil with a convenient measuring cup is your trusted partner for maintaining a pest-free organic garden. Derived from neem seeds, this 250ml bottle provides a natural and eco-friendly solution for safeguarding your plants.

Effective Pest Repellent: This neem oil variation comes with a handy measuring cup, ensuring accurate and hassle-free application. Protect your garden against many pests, including aphids, mealybugs, and more.

Promotes Vigorous Growth: Beyond pest control, NBS Neem Oil encourages robust plant development, resulting in healthier, more vibrant plants.

Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic: Our commitment to eco-friendliness and safety remains unchanged. NBS Neem Oil with a Measuring Cup is environmentally friendly and poses no harm to humans or animals.

Use the measuring cup to accurately dilute 5-10 ml of NBS Neem Oil in 1 liter of water. Apply the solution by spraying it on your plants every 7-14 days to ensure continuous pest protection. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or new to organic gardening, this product makes the process straightforward.

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