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NBS Bio Products

Who is NBS Singapore?

We are a team of Entrepreneurs and Agronomists who believe in challenging conventional practices and finding more profitable and regenerative ways to grow organic food. We source and combine cutting edge technology with proven biological “essentials”. With our certified methods, we help growers maximize their output by optimizing their inputs while maintaining cost efficiency.

Why choose NBS?

We understand the plight of Growers and cultivators, particularly when faced with risks from diseases, infestations by pests and insects, climatic uncertainties, and natural calamities which one has no control over.
While they long to achieve efficiency and sustainability, they lack the knowledge and expertise. NBS has its own research resources and produces certified organic input. This benefits the growers and is instrumental in overall improvements. We focus on building maximum health and resilience in the soil to enhance vitality in plant growth. A fertile soil, rich in biology having the ability to supply essential plant nutrients and soil water is the most important resource in agriculture. It is proven that healthy plants are resistant to pests and disease and we believe the immunity built-in plants are passed on to the consumer.

What We Do?

While natural elements like rain and sunshine are beyond our control, prudent farming with our guidance can help produce healthy and wholesome produce. We are strong advocates of natural and additive-free nourishment for plants and crops. Our goal to rid our environment of toxic substances like chemical fertilizers and pesticides

NBS Products are designed to:

  • Promote Biological agricultural practices.
  • Help build up soil biology.
  • Form natural organic humus.
  • Stabilize and magnify the power of fertilizer.
  • Reduces production costs.
  • Maximizes output in the long run.
  • Dispersing essential plant nutrients in readily available form.
  • Stimulating & regenerating soil microbiology.
  • Detoxifying chemical residues in the soil.
  • Releasing locked-up nutrients in the soil
  • We look at plant nutrition from a complete perspective.
  • Our experts look at everything that is happening on the farm.
  • We study the farm eco-system.
  • We evaluate the prevalent crop management practices.
  • We develop our own operating system, tailor-made for each farm, focusing on plant resilience and
  • Pests and disease control.
  • Concurrently aim at growing nutrient-dense crops.
  • Crops that are resistant to pest and disease transfer the source of this immunity to the consumer of the produce.