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NBS Max Spreader Concentrate 250ML

NBS Max Spreader Concentrate 100ML – Organic Spreader

NBS Max Spreader Concentrate 100ML is a gardening game-changer for organic spreaders. This highly concentrated solution, conveniently packed in a 100ml bottle, will revolutionize how you disperse treatments on your plants.



Product Title: NBS Max Spreader Concentrate 250ML - Organic Spreader

NBS Max Spreader Concentrate 250ML is the key to better and more efficient pesticide application. As an essential component of your organic gardening toolkit, this concentrated solution simplifies the spreading process, all packed into a convenient 250ml bottle.

Efficient Spreading: NBS Max Spreader Concentrate ensures your pesticide application is evenly distributed, optimizing its effectiveness against pests and diseases.

Cost-Saving Concentrate: This 250ml concentrate goes a long way. You can create a substantial amount of ready-to-use organic spreader, saving you money on your gardening supplies.

Enhanced Plant Protection: The even spread of organic pesticides helps protect your plants from harmful invaders, contributing to their overall health and well-being. Environment-friendly: NBS Max Spreader Concentrate is designed with the environment in mind. It's an eco-conscious choice for responsible gardeners.

Mix 10ml of NBS Max Spreader Concentrate with 1 liter of water and apply the solution to your plants. Ensure thorough coverage, especially the underside of leaves, to maximize the spreader's efficacy. Use it as a preventive measure or when dealing with specific issues.

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