The Next Revolution in Global Food Production

Nutrition Bio-Products, Malaysia

Addressing the Issues
Soil | Water | Nutrients | Labour

In the next 30 years, food production needs to double,
On the same or less Farm area,
Without degrading soil health and quality further,
Soil-less farming will increase.

97% of global water supplies are used for agriculture,
Water use efficiency (WUE) on soil farms needs to improve,
Rainfall distribution and intensity is changing from long-term patterns,
Countries that actively conserve water will retain food sovereignty and dominate global food production.

Major Nutrients
Nitrogen management is critical to production and environmental quality,
N20 emissions are contributing to GHG levels,
Phosphorus is unstable in soils and global reserves are reaching peak,
Potassium is expensive, leachable and critical for yield and quality.

Available skilled labour is a new threat,
Retaining traditional foods and methods often reflects community life and values,
Staff don’t want to work with poisons,
Being sustainable will attract and retain labour.