NBS Synergy is an invaluable problem solver in the soil and on the plant. It is a cocktail of unique microbial inoculum containing multiple strains of Lactobacillus, Saccharomyces, Actinomycetes, and Purple Non-Sulfur Bacteria (PNSB). These species and strains have been selected for their ability to promote plant growth using multiple biological mechanisms. For example, PNSB produces Plant Secondary Metabolites, which provide a diverse range of benefits from increasing resilience to extreme weather conditions to boosting plant immunity.


  • Produce superior compost infraction of the usual time.
  • Improved growth and Increase yields.
  • Increase nutrient availability.
  • Increase plants resilience.
  • Improve the quality of crops and fruits.
  • Populate root zones and leaf surfaces with beneficial species.
  • Improve soil pH and texture.
  • Treat stagnant manure ponds.
  • Revive septic tank systems.

1-2 L/acre | Foliar drench 1:500