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NBS Size Plus

SIZE PLUS is a organic liquid fertilizer for foliar spray to increase fruit and vegetable size. Which is combination of various natural organic matters, various plant extracts and animal extracts
SIZE PLUS is a Organic Fertilizer for Fruit & Vegetable Growth size. SIZE PLUS is rich in Organic Potassium (k), Organic Nitrogen (N), and various Plant and Animal Extracts. To increase size and length of any fruit or vegetable, there is need of proper nutrients, effective working of fluid system in plant, fruit cell wall formation, sugar/carbohydrate mobilization and cell division. All this fruit size boosting environment is ensured by various organic ingredient present in the SIZE PLUS. Its 100% water soluble, easily absorbed by fruits, leaf as well as roots.

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SIZE PLUS delivers following advantages in plant


SIZE PLUS is applicable to all vegetables, fruit crops and tuber crops. Can be applied by foliar spray as well as soil application. Can be mixed with other foliar spray products and soil application products.


For all vegetables and fruit crops 2 ml per litre of water after fruit setting to harvesting. Can be applied by soil application 4 ml per litre of water.

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