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NBS Silicon Fertilizer

(Organic Granular Fertilizer)

Silicon Fertilizer is organic granular fertilizer for soil application. It is a combination of silicon minerals extracted from natural mines, various plant extracts and animal extracts.
Silicon Fertilizer is organic granular silicon fertilizer for soil application with silicon approx. 40% and mineral calcium as 6%. Silicon Fertilizer gets dispersed in the soil as it comes in contact with moisture and silicon get release to soil. It contains organic matter which do chelated of soil so nutrients in soil are available to plant easily
Silicon Fertilizer is granular and granulation of fertilizer offers a well-defined grain size distribution nutrient content and good application properties. Besides the higher bulk density of granules needs a lower storage place and can also be stored and transported more economically.

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Granular mixed fertilizers do not cake as much as powder mixed fertilizers and can cause less lust which minimizes product losses. Granular fertilizers delay the nutrient delivery to the plants until the granules disintegrate completely and thus ensure nutrients supply to the plant over a long period.
Silicon has an important role in the uptake and vascular transport of mineral nutrients and can greatly improve the mechanical “strength” of the plant and its resistance to fungal diseases.
The beneficial effects of Silicon are usually expressed more clearly when plants are subjected to various Abiotic stresses (Abiotic stresses include high and low temperatures, salinity, drought, flooding, heavy metal stress and many other environmental factors) and Biotic stresses (Biotic stress is stress that occurs as a result of damage done to plants by other living organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, beneficial and harmful insects, weeds and cultivated or native plants) Silicon is probably the only element which can enhance the resistance to multiple stresses.
Silicon Fertilizer an organic fertilizer delivers following advantages in plant:


Silicon Fertilizer can be used on grain crops, vegetable, fruit crops, lawns, turf, floriculture, ornamental plants. Can be mixed with other fertilizers. Can be mixed with compost fertilizers. Can be applied under mulching paper. Can be applied by broadcasting.


For grain crops, 25 to 50 kg per acre as per soil requirements. For fruit crops approx. 100 kg. For vegetables 50 G to 100 G per tree/plant. Can be applied at soil preparation time and at various development stages of plant.

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