NBS Micro-Nutrients is specially formulated as the state of the art technology for delivering micronutrients with maximum bioavailability, tolerability & safety.


  • Provides organic nitrogen along with micronutrients in chelated form, helps quick and easy absorption by the crop.
  • Plays an active role in respiratory function.
  • Helps to overcome stress conditions.
  • Helps to boost up energy metabolism in plants.
  • Helps to activate phytohormone and other growth substances in the crop.
  • Increases chlorophyll concentration and boosts the photosynthesis activity.

Dissolve 250 gms of Micro-Nutrients in 200 liters of clean water & spray on the foliage
2 sprays are recommended at peak growth stages.
Compatibility: it is compatible with most insecticides & fungicides except those like alkaline reaction