NBS Max-Spreader


NBS Max-Spreader is a unique organic Non-Ionic Silicon spreader and protector. Only 0.1ml/litre is needed to optimize the usage, reducing fertilizer or pesticide foliar input cost up to 30%. Special applications up to 0.25 ml/L. A patented product with multiple benefits. The silica content in Max-Spreader forms a thin layer of shield on the leaves giving them an extra protection from pests & fungal disease.


  • Magnify the effects of pesticides giving a pesticide cost saving up to 25%.
  • Swift spreading speed, great sticking ability & highly penetrative hence increases the rate of absorbtion, optimizing the usage of foliar spray saving up to 30%
  • Provides protection against pest & disease as the silica helps to strengthen the outer layer of the plant cells.
  • Can be used as pest control for mites and white-fly.
  • Is a plant growth promoter and activator.
  • Helps in homogeneous mixing of solution so that the chemical does not settle at the bottom of the tanks hence reduces leaf burn at end of foliar spray.
  • Homogeneous in A/B solution tank.
  • Greatly helps nutrients to penetrate into clay-pan soil reaching and enveloping the roots.

Dosage: 0.1ml/L * Special Applications 0.25 ml/L

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