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NBS Bio Simulator

BIO STIMULATOR is a organic granular fertilizer for soil application with organic matter up to 80% and organic carbon more than 35%. BIO STIMULATOR gets dispersed in the soil as it comes in contact with moisture and nutrients get released to soil. It contains organic matter which do chelated of soil so nutrients in soil get available to plant easily. This way BIO STIMULATOR acts as nutrient releasing agent. NBS BIO STIMULATOR content also act as food for positive micro-organism in the soil so micro-organism nature cycle in the soil gets restored which leads to healthy soil with minimum possibility of illness and good composting ability. BIO STIMULATOR builds immunity of plant to fight against various illnesses.
BIO STIMULATOR is a granular and granulation of fertilizer offers a well-defined grain size distribution nutrient content and good application properties. Besides the higher bulk density of granules needs a lower storage place and can also be stored and transported more economically.

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Granular mixed fertilizers do not cake as much as powder mixed fertilizers and can cause less lust which minimizes product losses. Granular fertilizers delay the nutrient delivery to the plants until the granules disintegrate completely and thus ensure nutrients supply to the plant over a long period. BIO STIMULATOR is the best choice to apply it under mulching paper as it slow release so can release nutrient to plant for more than two months. BIO STIMULATOR is best organic fertilizers for grain crops and very effective on all vegetables and fruits crops.


BIO STIMULATOR can be used on grain crops, vegetables, fruit crops, lawns, turf, floriculture, ornamental plants. Can be mixed with other Fertilizers. Can be mixed with compost fertilizers. Can be applied under mulching paper. Can be applied by broadcasting.


For all crops, 25 kg to 50 kg per acre as per soil requirements. For fruit crops approx. 100 kg. For vegetables 50 kg per acre. Can be applied at soil preparation time and at various development stages of plant.

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