NBS Silicon Fertilizer

An important component of the plant kingdom “A Jack of all trades” in the horticulture hemisphere.Silica often reowned for its rigid properties. Should a plant be under attack by fungus,silica is mobilized to the infected site to hardern the surrounding tissues and helpprevent development of the disease. Benefits High cation exchange capacity (CEC) Better retention […]

NBS Neem Fertilizer

An excellent organic fertilizer with effective pesticide properties. NEEM FERTILIZER is made from organic manure, a byproduct of cold-pressed neem fruit and kernels. It is special because it acts as both a pesticide and a fertilizer. It is a most favored agricultural product used for various crop management. It helps to enrich the soil and […]

NBS Bio Stimulator

A powerful combination of various Natural Nutrients To Retain Moisture &Release Lock-up Nutrients in soil NBS Bio-stimulator is an Organic Certified Slow Release Granular Fertilizer. It is a great Bio-Stimulant which prevents fungal root infections, and is free from heavy metal. It also helps to detoxify soil, magnifies and stabilizes fertilizer inputs and retains moisture. This […]

NBS Sapphire Granules

A SINGLE MOST POWERFUL INPUT IN FARMING To Increase and Improve Crop Resilience & Production NBS Sapphire are concentrated natural organic humus sourced from super-active leonardite. The leonardite is also known as “CHAMPAGNE OF HUMATES”. It restores the natural balance in soil , building up humic acid which is necessary for optimal plant growth. There is […]