NBS Vibrant

A high analysis source of calcium, magnesium and Boron, Complexed with Fulvic acid and Mannitol. Benefits Calcium is the trucker of all minerals and it governs cell strength and cell division. Magnesium is the life blood of chlorophyll and it is a phosphate synergist. Boron is critical for reproduction and it is a calcium synergist. […]


Fortified with bio-stimulants to promote vigorous root growth and luxurious shoot development NBS ROOT MAX is specifically designed to promote rapid establishment in transplanted crops. This product can be used as a very effective “rescue remedy”,during times of stress (frost, hail damage, heat, wind, transplant etc). NBS ROOT MAX has also proven a valuable tool to […]

NBS Yield Booster

A Complete Organic Plant Tonic NBS Yield Booster provides: Essential nutrients Minerals Powerful combination of various plants auxins & extracts. Amino acids Potassium fulvate Natural humates This gives the required amino acid combinations for protein synthesis in the crop. It is mixed into tank A & tank B to buffer and increase uptake of nutrients. […]

NBS Organic Catalyst

A great helper in overcoming multiple problems NBS ORGANIC CATALYST is a concentrated blend of kelps and NBS Golden Dust. The combination of the three species of kelp and Golden Dust give a powerful natural chelating agent as well as stimulating biological growth in soil. The kelp species had been identified for their amazing growth […]