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Russian farmer’s market (prices after 2 months of sanctions)

Hello everyone! And welcome back to my channel\nIn today’s video I gonna take you to the local farmers market in the south of Russia. It’s so colorful and you won’t find some types of the goods anywhere else. We will check different departments and I will show you the prices for groceries after sanctions as well.\n\nP.S: it was not my typical grocery shopping that day. I was buying just herbs and baklava for my husband’s parents. But anyway I hope I was able to show you how colorful this market is (and prices as well). \n\n📌If you feel like you can support me and my channel and join Feel Russian Club:\nPatreon:\n\nTime codes:\n00:00 beginning\n00:44 Russian babushkas at the market\n1:30 bAbushka or babUshka\n2:00 churchchela. What is it?\n3:00 fruits \u0026 veggies\n5:04 honey\n6:03 fish \u0026 sea food\n6:24 meat\n7:16 Lark. Russians really love it. \n7:29 dairy\n8:01 going to buy herbs from Larisa\n9:38 what I got \n\n\nHere are the videos you may also like:\n📍\u0026t=6s – prices in Russian grocery store after sanctions\n📍\u0026t=5s why Russians never protest\n📍 Russian food. Simple and tasty recipes \n📍h – USSR communal apartment\n\n\n// ANNA HOPE\nI’m Anna Hope a professional licensed tour guide from St.Petersburg, Russia. For years I’ve been showing Russia and telling about it to my tourists from all over the world. But in new reality it’s time to show it to you, guys. In this channel I’m sharing videos about Russia, about its culture, history, traditions, about its unique places and real life of Russian people. I wanna you to feel Russian. \n\n\n// MUSIC anavar purchase online\nI use Epidemic Sound, sign up for a 30-day free trial here\n \n\nMusic by TIGERDAZE – Curiosities – \nMusic by Alundra – Smile –\nMusic by Dan and Drum – Taste Like –\nMusic by DJ GONZ – Sweet Treat –

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