NBS Emulsified Neem Oil
A powerful ancient remedy to control fungus and eradicate more than 200 species of pest.

NBS cold press Neem oil guaranteed minimum extract of 85 %. Eco-friendly, 100% bio-degradable, rich in natural organic sulfur, proteins, vitamins, glycerides and trace elements. Emulsified to allow easy mixing for foliar spray and stabilized to reduce UV degradation.
Neem oil was used in ancient times as fungicides and bio-pesticides. It suffocates mites, whiteflies, aphids and other types of soft-bodied insects on contact. When applied to roots, NBS Neem Oil has systemic action and seedlings accumulate the Neem compound to make the whole plant pest resistant.The active ingredient in NBS emulsified neem oil, “AZADIRACHTIN “ is a growth regulator as well as a powerful feeding and ovipositional deterrent. Azadirachtin consists of a compounds called Liminoids which acts like steroids. If ingested by pests will cause loss of appetite, disrupts normal hormone inhibits reproduction & molting patterns. Applied as a spray, neem will smother certain pests on contact, inhibits feeding and reproduction of the pests. It will disfiguring foliar diseases like midews and black spot. Neem pesticide is absolutely non toxic, It can be incorporated in foliar fertilizer as a natural wetter-sticker or mixed with synthetic pesticide to enhance their action.
Neem consists of several compounds hence development of resistance is impossible. Neem is harmless to non target and beneficial organism like pollinators, honey bees, mammals and other vertebrates. NBS Neem Oil is used to control larvae of a number of lawn & turf pests, soil insects, nematodes and rooteating insects. Certain pests such as floralthrips, diamond back moth and leaf miners which develop resistance to conventional pesticides are effectively controlled with Neem.

Dosage: 2 ml/L | Maximum rate 1 L/acre

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