Farming is a challenging profession with tremendous risks from:-

  1. Diseases
  2. Insects and pests infestations
  3. Climatic uncertainties
  4. Other natural calamities

NBS uses a scientific approach to address these challenges. Some of the features are:

1. We advise a regenerative operating system.
2. This leads to resilience against negative weather impact.
3. We thereby build an armor against pest attacks.
4. We analyze and address the ROOT CAUSE of problems.
5. We therefore do not just treat SYMPTOMS or suppress them.NBS Products are designed to
1. Promote Biological agricultural practices.
2. Help build up soil biology.
3. Form natural organic humus.
4. This stabilizes and magnifies the power of fertilizer.
5. Reduces production costs.
6. Maximizes output in the long run.
Additional unique features that can be found are:-
1. Dispersing Essential Plant Nutrients in Readily Available Form.
2. Stimulating & regenerating soil microbiology.
3. Detoxifying chemical residues in the soil.
4. Releasing locked-up nutrients in the soil.
NBS practices a radical approach
• We look at plant nutrition from a complete perspective.
• Our experts look at everything that is happening on the farm.
• We study the farm eco-system.
• We evaluate the prevalent crop management practices.
• We develop our own operating system, tailor-made for each farm, focusing on plant resilience and
Pests and disease control.
• Concurrently aim at growing nutrient-dense crops.
• Crops that are resistant to pest and disease transfer the source of this immunity to the consumer
of the produce.

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