Inoculating invisible Nitrogen factories on the leaves to boost plant health and production.

Symbio-N contains two strains of Azotobacter. These bacteria are in their dormant  forms and are suspended in clay based liquid formulation. These bacteria are capable of living & multiplying on the plant surfaces giving a bio-film formation. It helps in nitrogen fixation, production of pigments, high GC content for protection against UV light etc. to survive on the hostile milieu.

Mode of Action
The dormant form of Azotobacter in NBS Symbio-N upon application on the leaves germinate to produce fresh batch of colonies of vegetative cells . The cells multiply after finding favourable sites near the stomata or the base of the leaf hairs or at the depression of the leaf surface to form colonies. They secrete plant growth promoting substances like auxin, giberrellins, cytokininsetc, vitamin of B group, amino acids and certain antifungal metabolites. Spraying NBS Symbio-N is like implanting small factories of microbes on cells which spontaneously provide useful metabolites to plants. As the leaf surface has lot of stress conditions, effective numbers of sprayed microbes can be found up to 3 weeks after which repeat application is necessary.


Dosage: 100-200 ml/acre

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