Invisible partner to establish a healthy crop

NBS Pseudo Tech is an ecofriendly biological fungicide containing Pseudomonas fluorescens. It is effective against a wide variety of seed and soil borne plant pathogenic fungi. It protects the seeds and roots from fungal and bacterialinfections. It can also help prevent frost damage to crops. Applications during early stages of plant growth help and protect the plant in it’s initial critical stages of development. NBS PseudoTech also acts as plant growth promoter, stimulates seed germination and promotes early flowering and fruiting. This is a Natural Input which can be an invaluable tool in development of a chemical-free approach. A combination of NBS PseudoTech and NBS MicroShield not only effectively control a wide spectrum of disease but also helps in plant growth. Constant use of NBS Bio-Products will reduce the usage of harmful chemicals to control diseases and protects good soil organisms and beneficial microbes from depleting.

Dosage: 400 g/acre

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