An excellent organic fertilizer with effective pesticide properties.
NEEM FERTILIZER is made from organic manure, a byproduct of cold-pressed neem fruit and kernels. It is special because it acts as both a pesticide and a fertilizer. It is a most favored agricultural product used for various crop management. It helps to enrich the soil and aids in faster growth of plants by extending the availability of nitrogen, phosphorus and help manage nematodes, white ants, and grubs.

Neem Fertilizer is an excellent organic fertilizer. Its essential contents and other micro nutrients are :
• Nitrogen  • Phosphorous  • Magnesium  • Potassium  • Calcium  • Sulphur  • Copper  • Manganes  • Zinc  • Iron

Benefits of Neem Fertilizer

Dosage: 125 – 300 kg/acre

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