A blend of invisible army in soi

Trichoderma species are well-known biological control agents. NBS talc-based biofungicide formulation contain superb beneficial fungal species of Trichoderma harzianum, Trichoderma lignorum, Trichoderma koningii and Trichoderma viride.

It is effective in controlling soil and foliar fungal infection of crops. It forms a natural protective barrier around root zone against pathogen entry resulting in a better plant and root growth. Seed and seedling treatment with NBS Micro-Shield guard the roots giving a healthy early favorable growing environment. The root-zone balance is coupled with plant growth promotion associated with Trichoderma Metabolites. As it is a living organism, Trichoderma can grow along the entire length of the root system hence establishes a barrier against pathogen attack.

NBS Micro-Shield can be applied to seeds, transplants, bulbs, cuttings, grafts and established crops.NBS Micro-Shield combined with NBS PseudoTech not only effectively control the disease of Sheath Blight in rice but also increases plant growth along with reduction in application of toxic chemical pesticides.

Dosage: 400 g/acre

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