A powerful combination of various Natural Nutrients To Retain Moisture &Release Lock-up Nutrients in soil

NBS Bio-stimulator is an Organic Certified Slow Release Granular Fertilizer. It is a great Bio-Stimulant which prevents fungal root infections, and is free from heavy metal. It also helps to detoxify soil, magnifies and stabilizes fertilizer inputs and retains moisture. This unique Slow-release formulas in nutrient distribution content, in a well-defined grain size with good application properties are activated by water. Once activated releases small quantities of nutrients each time a plant is watered.

It also prevents leaching of nutrient and releases the nutrients Auxin to the plant over more than 2 months due to its slow release phenomenon, stimulating the growth of good microbial substance in the soil. It Contains Mine extract minerals. As it is a complete organic fertilizer, no dose of it is over-dose. By adding 5 kg/acre of NBS Bio-stimulator into fertilizer, it magnifies the power of fertilizer and prevent leaching of nutrients from soil. It also provides food to the soil microbes. This in return releases the lock up nutrients from the soil as well asprotects the plant from root disease.

NBS Bio-stimulator is an organic certified slow release fertilizer full of natural minerals fortified with:

Dosage: 5 – 25 kg/acre

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